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This is a premium and very potent anti-aging essence. The highly concentrated ingredients in this formula help to effectively reduce the signs of aging. They are rapidly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, hydrate skin cells and prevent damage. The actions of these powerful ingredients result in firm, shiny and soften skin. When used regularly, this essence enhances skin’s elasticity and suppleness.
KEY ANTI-AGING INGREDIENTS: Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract (Apple fruit cell extract) It nourishes the stem cells present in human skin and has anti-aging effect that helps the skin to regenerate. Fruit cell extract is obtained by using a unique technology to cultivate the stem cells of certified and protected rare Swiss apple tree species “Uttwiler Spatlauber”. The extract is converted into liposomes. It is scientifically proven to protect skin against UV radiation, slowing aging process, protects skin against oxidative stress and ensures youthful looking skin and its vitality. Fruit cell extract serves as a powerful skin conditioner leading to a softer, smoother and stronger skin. It is also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent them from forming fine line and wrinkles on your skin. Fullerene (Radical Sponge) It possesses powerful antioxidant properties. It is known to be 172 times more power than Vitamin C, which is considered to be one of the top antioxidants. Fullerene is very effective against many active oxidants that damage the skin and has ability to absorb the harmful effects of UV radiation, sweat and oxidized sebum. Matrixil 3000 (palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7) It contains two types of anti-aging ingredients: palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7. They work synergistically and repair skin damage resulting from aging. The two components of Matrixil 3000 act as messenger molecules for skin remodeling and repair. They promote neosynthesis of extracellular matrix macromolecules (hyaluronic acid, collagen), which result in a clear and visible anti-wrinkle effect. EGF (human oligopeptide-1) Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is responsible for the renewal of epithelial cells and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. EGF helps to maintain skin’s natural strength and promotes the renewal of skin’s cells. Astaxanthin It is a type of carotenoid (naturally occurring pigment), which has a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties that benefits eye and skin health. It has a characteristic red color and can be sourced from algae (Haematococcus pluvialis), shrimp, krill or salmon. The clinical studies suggest that it may have a free radical fighting capacity worth up to 500 times more than that of Vitamin E. This carotenoid can also help protect the skin from UV damage. Cherry Leaf Extract It is a very potent antioxidant and protects the skin against harming environmental factors. Rich in Vitamin C and prevents skin dryness. Cherry blossom extract shows good anti-inflammatory effect in vitro and in vivo and represents a promising functional ingredient in soothing skincare products by reducing skin inflammation. (1) Royal Jelly Extract Royal jelly is a secretion from the glands of worker bees. In the past, royal jelly was considered to be very precious and it was reserved for royalty or upper classes. Nowadays it is readily produced and is used in dietary supplements and skin-care products. The composition of royal jelly is very rich in a number of ingredients like vitamins B, C and E, amino and fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants. This makes them an ideal ingredient for skin care. It provides protective, nourishing and hydration properties to the skin. Peanut oil Peanut oil is extracted from the seeds of the Arachis Hypogaea plant. It has many benefits for face and skin. It does moisturize the skin, protects from UV damage and skin degeneration, reduces wrinkles, and can help with sunburns, eczema, dry and dehydrated skin. INGREDIENTS: WATER, DIGLYCERINE, GLYCERIN, BUTYLENE GLYCOL, DIMETHICONE, ASTAXANTHIN, MALUS DOMESTICA FRUIT CELL CULTURE EXTRACT, PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE, RH-OLIGOPEPTIDE-1, LECITHIN, HAEMATOCOCCUS PLUVIALIS EXTRACT, CYCLODEXTRIN, CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, SODIUM HYALURONATE, FULLERENES, DIOPTASSIUM GLYCYRRHIZATE, ARGININE, ROYAL JELLY EXTRACT, PRUNUS YEDOENSIS LEAF EXTRACT, SORBITOL, ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE, HYDROGENATED LECITHIN, CHOLESTEROL, SODIUM COCOYL SARCOSINATE, TOCOPHEROL, PANTHENOL, RETINYL PALMITATE, ARACHIS HYPOGAEA (PEANUT) OIL, XANTHAN GUM, SQUALANE, ACRYLATES/C10-30 ALKYL ACRYLATE CROSSPOLYMER, PVP, PEG-60 HYDROGENTED CASTOR OIL, ALCOHOL, PHENOXYETHANOL, METHYLPARABEN, FRAGRANCE
How To Use
HOW TO USE Use after treatment with lotion. Use your finger tips and apply 1-2 full droppers to a cleansed face. Focus on areas of concern and apply also on your neck and chest. Follow with application of Beau Avec cream. Use EGF ASTA Essence as STEP 3 in The Beau Avec anti-aging skin care regime: STEP 1 CLEANSE -- EGF ASTA Soap STEP 2 SOFTEN – EGF ASTA Lotion STEP 3 REPAIR – EGF ASTA Essence STEP 4 TIGHTEN – EGF ASTA Cream CAUTIONS: Avoid contact with eyes, rinse immediately. Do not use if you have skin problems. Discontinue using if signs of irritation or rash appear. In case of complications, please contact your physician. For external use only. STORAGE: Store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, high humidity and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.
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